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Me and Alcohol

I don’t drink, and never have. A sworn teetotaller, and still going strong. Not quite willingly anyway, unless you count rum-laden Tiramisus [my friends will remember THAT Tiramisu, which got me all high and giggling away. Yes my tolerance level is non-existent]. I am part of a rare and dying breed, an oddity, especially among queer women, it seems. It takes people some getting used to, in acknowledging that I won’t even indulge in a social drink, and will finish up the entire bottle of Green Tea as a substitute. My wallet is very thankful for this habit, or lack thereof, however. Continue reading


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Tequila and Brandi

Alright, so there are 4 people left, and adorable Brandi left the show out of her own volition [you stupid stupid girl!]. Which was the biggest mistake, in my opinion, because Brandi stood a real good chance of making the final two, compared to Amanda [who is seriously just a blonde bimbo], and whats-his-face Ryan, who is just boring. Dani is cute and sweet, but too much so. While even I would date Ms Androgynous-Firefighter because she is so sweet and nice, I don’t see how it can lead to a passionate relationship, because I am very likely to ditch her for the next hot, voluptuous lipstick lesbian brunette who comes along, say, Brandi. At this point, it seems pretty clear that Tila is going to pick Bobby in the end. He’s cute, but a little too young, in my opinion. But of course, I am watching A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, not A Shot At Love with Pleinelune Perry.

Okay, doesn’t take a genius to guess that I am totally rooting for Brandi. Come on, both girls are named after alcoholic beverages! That’s got to be a sign from the person up there in an angel-outfit calculating people’s compatibility. Tila was totally stupid to not let her back in, in my opinion, but then we all know Tila is somewhat unforgiving and princessy

The missus will probably kick my ass for saying this… but dear Brandi, if you ever do get over Tila, and if I were single, you are always welcome on the show A Shot At Love with Pleinelune Perry. And I promise I’ll let you back in even if you run away, because I am a lot more forgiving than Tila.

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