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More Reasons to Lay off the Religion Sauce

Bishop of Tenerife blames child abuse on the children

In today’s news, the Bishop thinks that it is our fault that as children, we get felt up our skirt by a smiling uncle who always brings you some sweets during reunions, or when we are brutally raped by a drunk father.

Yes, it is possible that in some cases, the children consent to, and may even enjoy sexual activity – but as adults, your task is to not take advantage of that consent. Your task is to know that the child is not in a place to make a decision like that, and step away. You don’t get to blame the children. And you certainly don’t get to say things like that in a pulpit and get away with it.

Woman artist gets death threats over gay Muslim photos

Seriously – you think the death threats are going to do wonders for your PR? First Salman Rushdie, and a poor defenceless woman? You get offended – you complain to the authorities or speak to the artist in a civilised manner about how her art is destroying your religion. You don’t issue death threats, or kill people.

It isn’t going to help all those moderate Muslims in the world live their life normally, when you abuse the Holy Qu’ran for your own purposes. Or impress heathens like me with your civility and love of peace.


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Unacceptable Behaviour

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t condone uncivilised behaviour with regards to Thio Li-Ann. If you think she is wrong, then rebut her. Point out her fallacies (it is not that hard, they are glaringly obvious). Don’t send her hate-mail or death threats. That just makes us look very very bad.

And for the record, for those calling for her resignation because of her views, I don’t agree with that either. She has the full right to believe what she wants, and make her views known. As do we all. Unless she is proven to routinely discriminate against queer students or those holding views contrary to her own, and unless she is proven to impose her homophobia into her teaching, her views, extreme as they are, are irrelevant to her profession. I do believe in academic freedom, and the same freedom extended to those like Michael Hor and Victor Ramraj in articulating their views for the repeal, should be extended to her.

Having said that, I do think she owes a courtesy to articulate her views in a respectful manner. And come clean as to her judeo-christian influence, and not hide it behind the veneer of legal philosophy.

Siew Kum Hong’s Entry on the threatening note

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