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Quotable Quotes: Freedom of Fashion

Me: [posts article about a campus in USA banning cross-dressing]
Rach: Well if they banned leggings as pants in law school you’d be happy
Me: I am a liberal. I will fight to the death for your right to wear things that are an eyesore to me


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Selling tops, gowns and skirts!

Because I have WAYYYY too much stuff now, I am trying to sell these things off. If you are interested, drop a comment or email me at la.pleine.lune.seule(at)

1. Brand New Forever 21 Fab Skirt with skinny belt in black (no longer available on site) for $21

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38cm Waist
54cm Length

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Tights Are Not Pants

I was out shopping at Orchard today with Rachel, and I was at the crossing in front of Paragon. I happened to spot this notice posted on the traffic light pole.

Tights are not pants - Uploaded with the Flock Browser - Tights are not pants - Uploaded with the Flock Browser -

If you can’t see the wording at the bottom, it says “”.

The irony? Two girls wearing tights were standing five yards away.

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New Cosmetics Kit

After I tried the sample kit from Everyday Minerals, I ordered the Personal Custom Kit, priced at USD 32, plus make-up removal sheets. And because I ordered around New Year, I got one hell of a special promotion [they keep changing that every month or so] with my 6 items: 3 brushes and 2 eye-shadows, all free, plus 10% off on my total order. The total, plus shipping, came to SGD 70 – the shipping alone was about 20 bucks. But it was completely worth it – in Singapore, for 70 bucks, you can get maybe 2 or 3 jars of anything. Mineral make-up is actually cheaper than normal make-up.

I love the complimentary Gingerbread Man and Tinsel Time eyeshadows – the Gingerbread goes very well with the finishing powder, Natural Reflection which can double as a blusher or a bronzer, creating a tan surfer girl effect. It was too dark, even for me, to use as a finishing powder. So I guess I don’t really need to restock on my sample jar of Deep Wine blusher, which I had been using so far to create that effect.

I had gotten the Long Handled Kabuki as a foundation/blusher brush as part of the kit, and it was super-soft. The only problem seemed to be that it had a problem letting go off the minerals once it picked them up. The previous brush I used didn’t have that problem – so it might be necessary to cleanse it with water or alchohol regularly, or else there will be a build-up of powder. I can’t figure out how to use the Premium Fan Brush yet, and the brow-brush is useless to me at the moment.

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The Token Bimbo Post

I claim to be a fashionista on my “About”, but so far I have yet to prove my bimbo-ness. I am really not the thick-spectacled, braces-wearing nerd you would imagine me to be by reading this blog. [Seriously! I am not!]

The sample make-up kit I ordered from arrived. Yes, that’s right, I am a great minerals make-up aficionado. Ever since I switched in August, I can’t stand the thought of normal make-up touching my skin. Even when I lost my foundation [there was still 90% left!], I decided not to get a normal foundation as replacement. But I didn’t want to go back and buy from SkinStory, where they sell Alima cosmetics [located in Central, chinatown], because the range they have there is extremely limited [especially for my skin tone], and it is marginally more expensive. I didn’t want to settle for a non-suitable tone again, so I decided to give Everyday Minerals a try.

Their sample kit, consisting of 5 items which you can choose yourself, is absolutely free, which means you only pay for the shipping. Which, in my case was about 7 SGD. Not only that, the “sample” kits are pretty generous – I could probably make one foundation jar last at least one month. And they come in these absolutely cute, gorgeous little jars that even my sister liked.

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