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When trying to be hip doesn’t work

Watching this MDA Management Rap is a little bit like cringing when your ageing mother or father consults a book on “Teenage slangs of the 21st century” and bursts out with “yo da best, dawg!” with a Cantonese accent when you come home with an A on your test. Actually it is a lot worse than that, because even the most enthusiastic parents wouldn’t try and “shake it” to a badly-written and composed rap song that sounds like they are reading off from a management brief.

The whole video is such a train wreck, that I don’t even know where to begin. Excruciatingly painful might begin to cover it, but that doesn’t come close to the horror and jaw-hanging I experienced when watching this. There is nothing worse than watching aged, balding chinese men (and women) in suits and ties trying to boogie [Not that it would be any better if it were people of other races – which actually there were none in the entire video]. Actually there is, and that is actually listening to them (trying to) rap with their colloquial accents. The music might have made the cut [only because I like the saxophone/trombone lead-in], but that doesn’t compensate for the rest of the trainwreck.

And they had the audacity to make a scene where this video is featured as one of the most popular videos on Youtube.

Actually, thinking about it, it just might be, because every other blogger is talking about it – but for all the wrong reasons. Better infamous than unknown? That’s for them to decide.

Isn’t it highly ironic, and sort of alarming, that MDA, the organisation entrusted with developing and promoting media in Singapore, and especially Singapore-made content, can’t even make a decent promotional ad that isn’t highly reminiscent of some secondary-school kids experimenting with iMovie? I mean, doesn’t SOMEONE at the organisation realise that this is a Very Bad Idea and should be throw in the digital trash as soon as possible? If they had shown it to at least one teenager before it was released, they could have avoided this PR disaster.

I am guessing not, and that leads to an even more sobering conclusion: the MDA is completely out of touch with what Singaporeans want and like.

And I thought the nightmare had reached its zenith when the PAP leaders decided to do hip-hop dancing at Chingay.


November 22, 2007 Posted by | Entertainment, Humour, singapore | , , , , | 2 Comments