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The foundation of AWARE as a secular organisation that embraces diversity in race, religion, culture and sexuality has been challenged.

At the AGM on 28th March 2009, a group of women who were mostly entirely new to AWARE (generally, 2 – 5 months experience) orchestrated a takeover of AWARE to further their own agenda. Click here for more details of the AGM and the events that followed.

We, concerned members of AWARE, are working with former AWARE Committee Members and Founder Members to petition for an EGM to consider a vote of no confidence in the New Exco.


1. Lack of Transparency
The group has to-date not once communicated to its membership despite intense scrutiny and questions raised by the media on its intentions. The secrecy of the group is disturbing and gives rise to greater suspicion.

2. Lack of Experience
8 of the 9 new members have been in AWARE for less than 5 months; none of them has served in AWARE committees nor participated in AWARE initiatives as volunteers.

3. Unjustified Termination and Disregard of Experienced Volunteers
The New Exco has terminated all the current heads of the AWARE sub-committees, including the summary dismissal of Braema Mathi, Chairperson of AWARE’s CEDAW Committee (CEDAW stands for Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women). Ms Mathi is Singapore’s leading NGO expert on CEDAW.

4. Presidents
The new Exco have kept ex-President, Constance Singham out of Exco meetings, which is unconstitutional. Constance Singham and Claire Nazar have resigned from the new Exco on the grounds that their advice and direction have been totally disregarded by members of the new Exco.

5. Conflict of Interest
We have reasons to believe that given the religious and anti-gay beliefs of the New Exco, the new Exco will not support AWARE’s fundamental principles of inclusiveness and empowerment of ALL women regardless of religion and sexuality.

If you would like to support this cause, please read our CALL TO ACTION

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