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Reclaiming the Night Through My Light



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October 26, 2007 Posted by | Feminism | , , , | Leave a comment

Reclaim the Night

Tangentially related to my earlier post about marital rape immunity, this is a cool movement I came across while tag-surfing: Alternative Energy for Reclaim the Night March, which erm, happens today. Reclaim the Night, or otherwise known as Take Back the Night, is an internationally held march protesting sexual violence, particularly against women.

This movement encourages those who do not want to march in the streets to light a match or a candle and take a photo of it to post on your blog. [Especially useful in Singapore I would think, since we can’t march.] Link to at least one other light-marcher, so that it becomes a virtual march.

Let’s work towards a world without sexual violence.

October 26, 2007 Posted by | Feminism | , , , | 2 Comments