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This will be a new segment on this blog: Song Recommendation of the Day/Week/Month. I’ll try to post not-so-mainstream music.

kt tunstall drastic fantastic

Title: Hopeless

Artist: KT Tunstall

Album: Drastic Fantastic

KT Tunstall’s album can only be described as soulful new age rock, and is highly reminsicent of Inara George in its dreamy, sleepy-sunday-afternoon melodies. Hopeless is a fairly upbeat song with paradoxically existential lyrics. It borrows a few notes from folk music, leading to a truly enjoyable and addictive melody.

Other recommendations from this album include White Bird and Hold On. Hold On is a comparatively fast-paced number compared to the other songs, and highly experimental, using a decidedly non-western beat and plucked Asian strings.

Thanks to Zixian for introducing me to this artist!


January 27, 2008 Posted by | Music | , , , | 2 Comments