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The Token Bimbo Post

I claim to be a fashionista on my “About”, but so far I have yet to prove my bimbo-ness. I am really not the thick-spectacled, braces-wearing nerd you would imagine me to be by reading this blog. [Seriously! I am not!]

The sample make-up kit I ordered from arrived. Yes, that’s right, I am a great minerals make-up aficionado. Ever since I switched in August, I can’t stand the thought of normal make-up touching my skin. Even when I lost my foundation [there was still 90% left!], I decided not to get a normal foundation as replacement. But I didn’t want to go back and buy from SkinStory, where they sell Alima cosmetics [located in Central, chinatown], because the range they have there is extremely limited [especially for my skin tone], and it is marginally more expensive. I didn’t want to settle for a non-suitable tone again, so I decided to give Everyday Minerals a try.

Their sample kit, consisting of 5 items which you can choose yourself, is absolutely free, which means you only pay for the shipping. Which, in my case was about 7 SGD. Not only that, the “sample” kits are pretty generous – I could probably make one foundation jar last at least one month. And they come in these absolutely cute, gorgeous little jars that even my sister liked.


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