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Anatomy of 24 hours

“You should be able to finish in 8 hours”.

8 hours, my foot… To paraphrase Sawyer, “[They] lied, brother.” [say that with a Southern accent]

I don’t know anyone who was able to do the SLS take-home exam under 12 hours, much less 8 hours. Most of my friends, including me, stayed up all night to finish it and then went directly to school all bleary-eyed to hand in, and then came back home and collapsed on the bed.

I still prefer take-home exams, despite the no-sleep marathon. Cramming volumes of facts into my head and then writing until my hand breaks, while shivering in a cold exam hall is not my most favourite hobby.


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Depressed in Singapore

Singapore Legal System, affectionately known as SLS, is a depressing subject to study for. I am sitting here at my computer trying to make a timeline of Singapore’s socio-political history, with all the things they DON’T teach you in secondary school social studies. Wikipedia has such a list, but it is highly unhelpful as it does not include all the political scandals such as those of JBJ and Francis Seow.


And trust me when I say this, that is the most depressing exercise one can go through.


Maybe I’ll post the list here after I am done.


Damn SLS, I had vowed not to get into political blogging at all. Someone slap me if I stray.

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