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The Deadbeat Mum

[background: my best friend and I consider ourselves “married”]

Me: I am getting a cat!

Nan: Ooo! A kitty? OMG! i demand the rights to co-own him!

Me: My sister will contest your claim to that.

Nan: I am your wife, I get priority over your sister.

Me: Co-owning means co-cleaning, co-feeding…

Nan: nahhhh. i just want the bragging rights.

Me: if we are to have this child, i am not going to raise him by myself!

Nan: i’ll give you child maintainence money xD

Me: Keep your money. This cat doesn’t need a deadbeat mother!

Me: This conversation is going on my blog

Nan: the fact that i am now the proud co-owner of a cat is going on mine


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Quotable Quotes: Freedom of Fashion

Me: [posts article about a campus in USA banning cross-dressing]
Rach: Well if they banned leggings as pants in law school you’d be happy
Me: I am a liberal. I will fight to the death for your right to wear things that are an eyesore to me

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Quotables Quotes Update

I am just not comfy with friends giving me lapdances and not getting naked at the same time.

– Ant

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Quotable Quotes: Ode to Gray

Yesterday was the last lecture by Kevin Gray – to our credit, we sent him off with a resounding 2-min long applause, which stopped short of being a standing ovation.

I actually do consider myself immensely lucky to have been taught by one of the most profilic land law academics alive today. It really helped that he was really funny and oh-so-freaking-adorable, as Rachel will testify. So I am feeling just a tiny wee bit sad that we won’t be having him anymore for property law (he was a positive springwell of quotable quotes and funny sayings, including the now-famous “go forth and multiply” which I use liberally) but all good things must come to an end.

This is the best ever quote by him, so far, delivered with his trademark deadpan tone and British accent.

“Of course, we know who are the most lethal people in property law, and it is your own family members. Land law is really a law of family pathology.”

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Quotable Quotes Update

It is a tragedy, that I know more Latin than Mandarin.

— Dean Tan

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Quotable Quotes Update

Me: I love the idea of eskimo song duels…
S: Don’t you think song duels are just ancient trash talking sessions?
Me: Like rapping?
S: Yes
Me: So, our conclusion for the CLT essay is that rap artists are modern eskimoes?
S: With bling

Note: CLT – Comparative Legal Traditions

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