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Review: A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila 2 Season Premiere

Originally posted on Sayoni Speak

Guess who’s back? That’s right, bisexual bachelorette MySpace queen Tila Tequila is back for another shot at love, this time, with 15 guys and girls each. Tila and Bobby broke up barely months after the end of the first season, Bobby not being able to handle her job and its pressures, so a broken-hearted Tila is back for another season, looking for love. Still picky, still princessy, still as gorgeous as ever.

Whatever she is taking, I want it too!

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead! Do not read further if you don’t want to know what happened at all.



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The Return of Lost


I haven’t been saying much about season 4 of Lost after the season premiere, but it is not because it is bad, because I don’t have the time to review each episode if I am going to be saying something about it. Yes, I am OCD that way.

So far, it has been absolutely awesome and mindblowing. The new twists and turns, the conflicts, the curve-balls have been extremely gripping, to say the least. The season took a break for four weeks, and returned on Thursday with Episode 409 – “Shape of Things to Come”. And boy, was it absolutely worth the wait… the episode literally kept me on the edge of my seat, gasping at all the right moments. And trust me, I am usually a dispassionate viewer when it comes to action (I don’t even like action flicks), having grown up with Indian movies – the only thing that usually has any effect on me is sentimental stuff.

409 reminded me precisely why I am obsessed with this show, and if this is the shape of things to come… lemme at it!

The only other series which I was obsessed enough to go on fan websites and read theories was Harry Potter. As I was telling Pirate, Lost is to TV what Harry Potter was to books.

1. Both are incredibly complex worlds set within our world.

2. They have very well-written complicated storylines/plots which have been planned from the beginning and captures the the attention of anyone who loves a good mystery

3. Both have huge followings, a loyal fanbase which takes times to document the plot, characters and clues in detail like this.

4. Both have several layers of meaning to it that the casual audience/reader would not usually pick up, references to mythology and culture – a name is never just a name on Lost, nor on Harry Potter. To give just one example, the connection of Lost to Wizard of Oz, and the heavy allegory in Harry Potter to the King Arthur legend.

5. Both are ground-breaking in their concept and presentation – the world has not really seen anything like that before in their respective genres.

For people who are not hooked on Lost yet, I say, what are you waiting for? Don’t be turned off just because it is “popular” – popular does not always mean bad. And don’t let season 2 deter you – it might have dropped a little, but it sets the stage for season 3 and all the things that happens afterwards. And the awesomeness of season 4. It is actually rare for a show to get better as the seasons progress – most of them suffer from sequelitis after a while, but trust me, it does get waaay better, way more amazing.

I shall stop fan-girling now, and come back with a season review in a few weeks. Till then…. get Lost!

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Hanging it Up

I was in Raffles City basement buying food when I spotted these babies. I think I’ve said before that I use a special earring hanger in the shape of a woman. That kinda broke, it being ceramic. Actually it broke the day I  bought it, but I patched it back up with super-glue. It kept breaking if someone so much as sneezed, though, and I’ve patched it back about 10 times. It was just too tall and imbalanced – I guess I should have thought about centre of gravity when I bought that thing for 40 bucks. The last time it broke, I gave up – it won’t even hold superglue anymore. So my earrings have been in a colossal mess the past few months.

These beauties are 10 bucks each, about 6 inches high, and it is not ceramic, so there is no chance of it breaking, especially since it is so small. The frame is metal and plastic, and the head is detachable, so it is also easily portable.

After I hung all my earrings on the tiny frames.

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Homelez Kitteh

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Check out more of my lolcats here.

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Shvarts in her Studio

Or when abortion becomes art.

Beginning next Tuesday, Shvarts will be displaying her senior art project, a documentation of a nine-month process during which she artificially inseminated herself “as often as possible” while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood from the process. [Read the full article]

Shocked? Disgusted? Fascinated? Whatever your reaction is, you are probably not alone – thousands of people in Yale and in the bloggosphere have been actively voicing their views on Shvarts’ “artwork”. I put those in quotation marks, because like the (badly written) “artwork” Jodie chooses to display at the end of Season 5 of The L Word, this didn’t really make all that sense to me. But then, I was never a fan of abstract art. Continue reading

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A Newfound Hobby

Okay, I’ll admit, I am a BIG fan of lolcats. How do you not love it with pics like this?

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

It turns out that you can actually create your own lolcats, by choosing a picture from their gallery or uploading your own, and putting in your own captions. No image-editing knowledge needed, you put in the caption and the website automatically generates it for you. How cool is that? Not just cats, but dogs and other animals, and I’ve even spotted a few Clinton pictures. You can then just save it, or you can submit it for publication. Continue reading

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Lording it over the internet

Zixian pointed me to this blog – As she said, it is quite amusing how the 70-plus members of the House of Lords are more active in blogging and reaching out to the public than our beloved local MPs. P65-blog, wherefore art thou? An impersonator has taken your place, reclaim thy honour.

There are so many things wrong with the p65 blog that I don’t even know where to start. Let’s just start with technical details. Continue reading

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Who is allowed to speak?

‘LAWYERS, because of their training and education and their involvement, often tend to have views on civil liberties, politics and civil society.And I think they should take part in civil society in their individual capacities.

But the law society, as an organisation, should not. Can it really express the will of all its members, which is what it would be purporting to do in politics, and throw its weight behind one or another organisation?

We’ve always looked at politics and expression of those views as something that should be done within the framework of political parties. If you want to do that, join a political party. Don’t use a civil or civic or professional organisation as a cover for engaging in politics.’

On whether there is room for the law profession to play a more active role in civic society

‘I think our libel laws work very well. Under the American system, as long as you come into public life, you’re fair game and anyone can say anything about you, whether or not it’s true. I don’t believe that to be the right system because I feel that if you want to encourage good people to come into public service, then their reputation and integrity must also be protected.

I did hold these views even then, when I represented IHT when it was sued. I was already a government MP. But I’ve taken an oath to defend my clients. The fact that they’ve published an article which proved to be defamatory doesn’t mean they’re not entitled to defence as best as the defence can be put up.

On whether Singapore leaders resort too hastily to suing for libel. Mr Shanmugam had acted both for and against Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong in libel cases. In 1995, he represented the International Herald Tribune

I am a nerd so I subscribe to legal news on the Singapore Law Watch… when this came in my reader, I really wasn’t sure what to think about it. This was a stub of a feature article ST did on Shanmugam when he got his “promotion”.

I try, you know. I try very hard not to get riled up about local politics, because I know it ain’t good for my blood pressure, and I try not to blog about it. But certain things really just rub me the wrong way. Continue reading

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Cursing Kelman to Eternal Damnation

Legal theory is over. Yes, yes, I am indeed alive, and no brain has not turned into mush.

Wrote complete and utter crap, waaaaay under the word limit, scattered footnotes here and there to make it all look prettier. I am quite happy with passing, really, and so are many people, given the number of people who’ve been joining the Facebook group “We got screwed over by legal theory”. Except, of course, for the few geniuses who are always speaking up in class about what Dworkin and Hart are really saying, whoever cares about you?

Damn you, Kelman. Could you not at least mention Mill or his harm principle in passing, in your 84-page essay on what most people consider common sense? Would have made my life five times easier. Take your cue from MacKinnon, would ya?

3 hours is just too freaking short. I want my 24-hour take-home exam back.

No prizes for guessing I am not going to take Advanced Jurisprudence.

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I Heart Hart. Not

Not dead, just been doing legal theory for the past few days, for the glorious exam today. Hart and Fuller and Dworkin and Kelman and every other legal philosopher worth mentioning, wading through pages of unintelligible text, and finding out to my horror this morning that I’ve been wasting time with the wrong Dworkin text and that’s why it wasn’t making sense at all.

I Heart Hart. Not.

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