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New EDM Haul

I made a mass-order from EDM along with Zixian and Rachel, mainly because my foundation supplies were running dangerously low. We got the super personal custom kit (12 full-size items) for 50 USD, with an added free sample kit (6 mini items). Luckily, at the time we ordered, there was a promotion going on in honour of the Presidential Elections, and we got 15% off the entire order, a full-size blush and eyeshadow, and a lip frosting.

So, for 92 SGD in total including direct shipping, we got this.

Can you say bargain?

The haul is sorted into piles – from left to right, Rachel, Zixian and Me.

This is my part of the haul.

“Make it Count” was the complimentary blusher that we got, and it is actually kinda shimmery in real life (the flash washes it out). In the Garden is a GORGEOUS eyeshadow that I regret not getting earlier though I had been eyeing it for some time. No, you are not seeing double, I got two jars of foundation in fear of running out again, and a couple of sample foundations in different shades.

Swatches of my eyeshadows coming soon!


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